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Each panel consists of two galvanized-steel welded-wire sheets with a wire truss in between. The panels can be formed into a wide range of shapes, and they're lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

What Can Be Build. Click to discover the options
  • Radius Design

    Custom shapes and radius corners are easy to form, shape and finish with Galvacore Masonry 3D wire.

    Radius Design Galvacore Options
  • Outdoor Fireplaces

    Design and Build the most unique outdoor fireplaces for clients with Masonry galvacore panels.

    Ourdoor Fireplace Structure
  • Outdoor Firepits

    Create custom outdoor firepits for clients with Masonry 3D wire, without design limitations.

    Outdoor Fireplace Structural Panels
  • Outdoor BBQ’s

    Experience 30-60% labor savings while building a unique outdoor barbecue structure.

    Outdoor BBQ Panels
  • Structural Walls

    Masonry Screen Galvacore Structural 3D panels are strong, safe, durable and perfect for structural walls.

    Structural Wall Panels
  • Outdoor Living Space

    Galvacore Structural panels will help you build anoutdoor living area at a lower cost than traditional masonry.

    Outdoor Living Space Galvacore Panels
  • Outdoor Kitchens

    Design and build an entire integrated outdoor kitchen area in record time, and within budget.

    Outdoor Kitchen Galvacore Structural Panels
  • Outdoor Benches

    Masonry Screen galvacore 3D structural panels are perfect for outdoor seating and benches.

    Outdoor Benches Galvacore Panels

Save money and buy direct from the manufacturer.

When you buy direct from Masonry Screen, the manufacturer of Galvacore 3D Panels, then you receive a lower cost than buying from a distributor. You will be amazed at how simple the panels are to use, and how many different design options there are using the galvacore 3D panel structures.